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2017 Small Grants Program application Guidelines


Funding Guidelines:

  • As a general rule, individual grants are expected to fall in the $3,000- $15,000 range.
  • Projects/programs must advance Maine children’s health.
  • Almost all forms of grants will be considered (e.g., program grants, capacity building grants, challenge grants, matching grants, etc.).  However, as a rule, the Foundation would not expect to make capital grants (e.g., funding for building, etc.), or grants to individuals.
  • Successful applicants typically have strong track records and take approaches that are creative but well grounded (e.g., in data, theory, best practices, evaluation methods, etc.).
  • The Foundation does not fund organizations more frequently than every 3 years, even if different projects are proposed. (Example: An organization which received funding on 9/1/14 could not apply again for funding until the Spring 2017 application deadline for grants to be awarded on 9/1/17.)
  • In general, the Foundation looks for proposals that address Maine’s poorest and most underserved populations (e.g., low-income, rural, etc.).
  • This year, the Foundation will not accept unsolicited oral health proposals. Oral health proposals will be by invitation only, as the Foundation aligns its oral health funding with other significant oral health initiatives in Maine.

How to Apply for the 2017 Grant Cycle:

There is a two-step process for applying to the Small Grants Program -- a Letter of Interest (Step 1) and a Full Application (Step 2).  Letters of Interest are due by May 8, 2017.

Step 1:

Fill out the Letter of Interest form by clicking here. You will fill in information about the purpose of project/program, organizational history, mission/current programs, geographic area, and population served.

No later than May 15, 2017, you will receive an email from the Foundation, letting you know whether or not you have been invited to complete your application. If you do not receive an email by May 15, contact Evelyn deFrees, the Foundation’s Executive Director, at evelyndefrees@gmail.com.

Step 2:

If the Foundation has invited your complete application, you will be asked to click on a link in the email sent to you. You will be taken to a secure page where you will need to complete Part 2 of the application.

Part 1 of the application will already be filled out for you, from the information you provided in the Letter of Interest.  Review Part 1 to make sure the information is still correct, making changes as necessary.

If you are invited to complete your application, you will receive additional instructions on how to do so.  In brief, the completed application requires writing a narrative statement, attaching your organizational operating budget, and uploading a video (see instructions below). Project narrative (1000 words or less) should address: description of project; major goals/outcomes & key strategies; method of assessing project; project budget with budget narrative, list of key personnel involved in project execution; other major sources of support at the time of application.

Guidelines for Making Your Video:

  • Please provide your own video which addresses the project for which you seek funding. Avoid using pre-made general videos.
  • Keep the video to 3 minutes or under in length.
  • Describe your organization’s mission, and the project’s goal.
  • Explain the compelling need for the project, what problem is being addressed and why Foundation support is requested.
  • Communicate the passion and the commitment of the organization’s leaders and program staff for the project.
  • If possible, show the specific project in process for which funding is requested. If there is an aspect of the project which takes place in the field (e.g., outside or in a classroom) please try to include footage of those scenes.
  • Do not produce the video professionally but do check the filming for focus and orientation (e.g., film right-side up).
  • Click here for sample video
  • Click here for sample video

If you have questions, contact Evelyn deFrees, the Foundation’s Executive Director, at evelyndefrees@gmail.

Timeline for 2017 Grant Cycle:

  April 3, 2017: Foundation Announcement Calling for Letters of Interest
  May 8, 2017: Letters of Interest Due to Foundation
  May 15, 2017: Foundation Invites Selected Applicants to Apply
  June 15, 2017: Completed Applications Due to Foundation
  August 21, 2017: Grantees Notified by Foundation